Sunday 24 July 2011

Shanley & Allan | Wedding

*to start with here, I have to say the HUGEST thank you to Shan & Allan's main photographer, Ronel Pompe, for allowing me to second shoot, and for being so easy-going and sweet throughout the whole process!*
Now, for those of you who don't know the lovely Shan, here's some background. I met Shan at UCT where we were both studying OT. We also wrote a thesis together, and she stood up for me as a bridesmaid at my wedding last year :). When all of us girls met Allan, we knew then and there that Shan had found a real keeper. He's calm and steady, with a naughty sense of humour which compliments Shan's personality perfectly.
On their wedding day I also had the honour of doing Shan and her bridesmaid's makeup, and it was so special to spend time with her in the quiet before the festivities began. I had a lump in my throat as her Dad proudly walked her down the aisle and Allan couldn't take his eyes off her! She was resplendent in her gorgeous, Magda Grove lace creation :). Shan & Allan also have the strongest faith in God, and I know that these two are going to have a magical journey together!

Thank you a million times over for the privilege of helping to document your special day :)

Lovely guests.

The decor was just like Shan - simple and beautiful :)

Love the contrasting colours.

Shan is phenomenally gorgeous :)!

This was such a special moment.

I love it when they both laugh!


Love this.

Just look at how he looks at her!

Oh, and Allan's hidden talent is skipping rocks ;)

See? Perfect :)

Allan had some very amusing directives here for Shan to look like she was ignoring him, hehe!

We were blessed with the most beautiful day and a stunner of a sunset.

This is one of my very favourites! Backlight it and I'm swooning ;)

This one by hubby. Seriously, am a little jealous ;)

Shan has a beautifully infectious laugh!!

Their table decor was beautifully simple.

Fairy lights!

Shan giggling at a cheeky bit in her speech ;)

Their first dance was so sweet.

The cake was amazing!

You can't beat a traditional 'going-away' arch!

The newlyweds off on honeymoon :)


  1. Tiffany!!!!!!!!! My friend!!! In awe, am speecless, stutter, splutter, OMW!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!! I have so many favourites, my absolute faves are the sticks, the B&W's the back lit ones the sunset the one on the rocks and well, many many!! I love the shoe shots, and I love the reportage style of your earlier and later shots too, well done!! Totally impressed!! XXX (So I love them all :))

  2. Oh Kim you are the biggest honey EVER! Thank you so much for your positive feedback and the support :) It is valued SO much x

  3. What a lovely wedding. It looks like you really captured it :)

  4. Thanks Terri :) It was a very beautiful and special wedding :)