Sunday 10 July 2011

Weekend Ramblings: Love

Phew, it's been one of those NUTS weeks, so excuse the quiet, but as you may have noticed, it's never quiet on here for long ;). This is, after all, the girl who managed to fall STRAIGHT over at a kitchen tea on Wednesday, when attempting to leave my chair holding an expensive camera! Luckily both of us survived unscathed, with a slight dent in our dignity ;)

Any rate, these past few days I've been overwhelmed with LOVE. I've had the immense privilege of being involved in the wedding, and events leading up to it, of my dearest friend Shan. I've seen love POURED onto her by her dearest friends and family, and really, it's contagious! It's been SO wonderful seeing all our friends who travelled down for the wedding too - my cheeks and stomach hurt a little from laughing and smiling SO much :)

And then I got to take pictures of a 10 day old baby today - more love :)

My heart is overflowing...

Some days I feel like it's all going by too fast - all the happy moments, all the 'life', I want to freeze time, to savour it, to bottle it and never let it go. Cheesy perhaps, but I think this is what makes me adore photography - capturing the moment in time so you can REMEMBER, and be REMINDED of what each precious moment feels like.

There'll be several posts coming over the next few days of all the eventage (wedding pics in a few weeks) and baba, but 'til then, I want to encourage you too, to remember, and smile, and LOVE :) 

And here are some personal pics that I'll be treasuring, to remember this special weekend, what happiness feels like, and what it feels like to be surrounded by LOVE.

Padre-in-Law's convertible, driven by hubby, wind in our hair :)

Exhileration, coffee and 'wild hare'. 

Friends & laughing until you feel you may crack a rib!

My body is exhausted today, but heart could not be more full 


  1. Your outlook on life is contagious!! Thank you for sharing and showing more of yourself through your ramblings and pics. I've had a good dose of Tiffs today and so my heart is overflowing as well. You lovely lady! MWAH!!

  2. I'm so happy this post makes you feel that way! You are SUCH an awesome supporter lovely! I can't thank you enough - your comments always make me feel warm and fuzzy ;)