Thursday 23 June 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!'s hubby's birthday today! And that means that because I am banned from getting him actual cards (long story), I've decided to circumvent that by making him an online card (slash blogpost, but who's checking definitions, right??).

So I thought I'd share with him, and you all, what I love most about him (don't worry, it's not overtly mushy!):

In no particular order:
1. Your body temperature runs about 1-2 degrees higher than mine, PERFECT for foot-warming in winter :D
2. You know how to make a cappuccino just the way I like it
3. You now know what a GHD is, and why I HAD to have one ;)
4. Your patience is endless - when I nearly threw my Mac out the window trying to learn how to work Photoshop, you took it, learnt how, and then taught me.
5. You ALWAYS take the garbage out, without complaining :) (I don't think I've ever set foot in our complex's garbage room, oops...)
6. You cook, WELL, and only rub it in a little when I don't ;)
7. Disney movies upset you more than 'real' ones ;)
8. You know all the words to songs on the radio, even random ones I've never heard of
9. You act the fool to cheer me up when I'm sulking, even when it doesn't work ;)
10. You also have endless patience with my purchasing habits, within reason, and generally come round when I explain why I NEED one more MAC eyeshadow!
11. You say what you think (not always a good thing, mind!) but I value your honesty and how you stay true to yourself
12. I never have 'normal' nicknames - winners have included 'my flux capacitor' and something or other about a chemical equation. Don't always understand it, but points for creativity! ;)
13. You carry my heavy stuff for me
14. I never leave the house alone without first being armed with Mace by you ;)
15. You turn on the light and heater first thing in the morning so I don't have to get out of bed when it's still cold :)
16. You drive when I want to read in the passenger seat.
17. You make the BEST pancakes ever
18. You always have the most creative gift ideas, or spend hours making something uber awesome!
19. You're my toughest critic and biggest supporter all rolled into one. You push me to be better, and stronger, and you're always honest when I ask for your opinion/help. Thank you for this!
20. You're just plain hot ;)

On your birthday, my love, I thank you for your strength, and for our love, for a year of BLISSFUL marriage, and most of all, for the 100 more years we'll spend loving each other.

I thank God for you every day, and am so blessed to share this special day with you!

All my love,

P.S. Thanks for posing ;)