Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Last Sip

It drives him nuts, I know it does, but I can't help it!

One of my many eccentricities, is that I NEVER, EVER take the last sip of my coffee/tea. And it drives Hubby crazy - he always asks why. Why? Well, that last sip is never worth it - concentrated coffee grounds simply don't float my boat ;)

A few things floating my boat today:
1. Love Made Visible - every single pic is so real and beautiful. Rebecca & Bruce are phenomenally gifted :)
2. I think I need a Snood. Not sure yet how it's pronounced exactly, but love the idea!
3. Jasmine Star's blog - I may get earning myself a reputation as a stalker of photographers, but I'm cool with that :)

Any rate lovelies, must go and enjoy one of Hubby's homemade cappuccino's, except for that last sip! ;)



  1. Go to Haas in Rose Street, Bo-Kaap. BEST coffee ... you will have the last sip ... no grains @ the bottom...

  2. I never drink the last sip either but I think that's either due to 1) me forgetting there's still coffee and by the time I realise it, it's cold or 2) I have to tilt my head really far back in order to drink that last bit and that's just not cool :p (I'm weird too)

  3. Yay! @Amy love that you get it too ;)

  4. This 'Haas' place sounds awesome - though no matter how great it is I think it'll remain a habit to avoid that last sip ;)

  5. Just found your blog today, while doing a search for "hathersage market" on google as I am going to be selling there from September. LOVE your photography!! WOW! totally blown away. I too LOVE photography, I take photos almost every day but by means a professional, it's just a hobby! I also so WANT The canon 550D and your blog just convinced me I would be making the right choice!!
    Will be back for sure to visit!

  6. Thank you SO much for you kind words Bonnie! Means a ton! And YES - SO get the 550D, it's an AWESOME AWESOME camera - have had no problems with it and it has really cool features :) And enjoy it when you get it! x