Thursday 19 May 2011

Puppies :)

The pooches you're about to meet actually belong to my parents-in-law, but Timmy's been the family dog for yonks, and we helped pick Kayla (who turned out to be a nutter! Just like me, hehe), so we see them as 'our' dogs too :)

Turns out Kayla is spectacularly camera-shy, managing to look acutely guilty every time the lens pointed her way! Whilst Timmy of course you could probably have hit with the camera and still gotten only a lazy eyelid lift ;)

Not sure what this lens thing is, but decidedly suspicious of its intentions!

I rather like paws.


Laziness on Timmy's part, acute guilt on Kayla's.

Totally not fazed.

Why don't you throw my ring instead of poking that lens in my face??

Know this last one isn't traditionally proportioned, but I love it :)

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