Wednesday 18 May 2011

Around My House :)

After all the time I've been spending on Pinterest lately, it really has served to remind me that I also need to take time to appreciate the beautiful things I love most around my own home :) And to get cracking on the DIY projects that have been on the backburner!

Luckily I also have a patient and engineering-minded Hubby who deserves a gold medal for putting up with my lack of regard for straight lines and love of shortcuts (which he graciously repairs, hehe).

And...well taking pictures around my house is a good excuse to practice with my camera! Here are a few of the things that make me smile every day :)

This is my 'skinny frame' collection in progress - propped on the TV table, the idea is to have beautiful B&W pics and inspirational quotes - LOVE the 'This is Your Life' one :)

Love my ribbon board - Hubby & I made it as a DIY project for our seating chart at our wedding last year. Dead easy to make - take piece of wood/cardboard, add foam, material and ribbon. Staple together and position ribbon. Add cute decor, like the assorted buttons we chose :) It's so great for displaying photos/invitations/to do lists, and can change it as quick as a flash :)

I know these pink matches are random, but something about them just makes me happy :)

This is the pattern on our bedroom scatter cushions :) Love the plain lamp.

Left pic is the hand towel rack in our bathroom - every morning I dream I'm in Paris :) And the heart is one of our two keyhooks.

Bird. Love. Wooden Hearts. Wire Balls. :)

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Scrabble?? This is my vintage set - LOVE how it smells :)

This little Love tag makes my heart sing. The glass jar makes me feel like a real grown-up, still looking for something logical to store in it! And I love the 'Keep Calm' variation, suits me ;)

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