Saturday 21 May 2011

Slow Food Market Stellenbosch

In one of my earlier blog posts I MAY have mentioned this divine little slice of heaven on earth, but now I have some additional photos to show you which better capture the feel of the place :). Spent the morning there with two of my dear friends, Jes and Robs, and had a GLORIOUS girly time, such fun!

B.E.S.T.  C.O.F.F.E.E.  E.V.E.R.

Nothing smells better than freshly brewed coffee <3

Gorgeous scarves.

What's not to love about fresh ciabatta and olives?

Adore the vintagey feel of this stall 

Once again my obsession with anything bird-related shows itself, hehe :)

One day I'm gonna get me one of these gorgeous wooden boards.

Market vibes.

Still love these plastic crafted lamps!

Bright yellow daisies and that wire art belongs on my wall.

Fresh biltong, yum.

These are the best brownies EVER, and they come in scrumptious varieties, like Tiramisu, Rasberry and White Choc, Chilli Choc, try them all really!

And this, well this is the man who makes possible the best waffles in the world - delightfully crispy on the outside, fluffy inside, drowned in whipped cream and chocolate *sigh*.

The waffle man in action...

Love the bunting strung inside, and the pink striped on the fudge.

Delicious salad-in-a-box and lovely Jes-friend :)

Just loved these colours.

Cutest handmade fabric-style jewellery, love the pastels.

Hehe, the pig brooch made me giggle.

Outfits from Ndiza, loving grey with white!

Wendy's Lemonade.

Gorgeous antique-style.

Friends with beautiful autumn leaves

Autumn in CT is utterly stunning, love it!


  1. Love these beautiful pics! Thanks for tagging them on our facebook page. Don't forget to enter our Good food & Wine Show ticket giveaway.

  2. Can you take me here??? Please? Please? Please???

    Look for us next February. Maybe we can go to High Tea again, too :)

  3. Of course Terri! We'd LOVE to show you our favourite lovely market! <3

  4. oh YES!!! These pics make me want to go there ! :)

  5. Its stunning spot Tiffany. Your images are beautiful and really do capture the essence of the place. Very well done! A question: how do you tag them on Slowmarkets facebook page? I took images at another wine farm and would like to do the same but not sure how to?

  6. @Doodlebugs - thanks! you can tag a page on Facebook if you are a fan of theirs, all you need to do is type '@' before their name then and facebook will tag them to the post :)

  7. Very nice images... great ideas...