Sunday 15 May 2011

My Moka Pot

Gone a bit blog crazy! Last post for today, promise ;)

I LOVE coffee - and there's nothing higher on my list than the perfect cappuccino - has to involve STRONG coffee and the perfect froth :)

I have my own filter machine, named Russel (original I know, haha!) who keeps me company in the mornings, but I recently acquired this baby below.

Masterful hubby has now perfected the art of the perfect cappuccino, so I am spoilt with cups like this one when I am well-behaved. Spoilt me :) And...the secret of creamy froth when you aren't fortunate enough to own a steamer thingy, is to 'whooszh' it up in a Bodum and then microwave and stir until milk is hot and foamy - presto!!

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