Sunday 15 May 2011

Hathersage Market

I am a serious lover of markets, the Slow Food Market in Stellenbosch is my first and greatest love, but have newly discovered the Hathersage Market in Somerset West, which is pretty lovely too :)

All the usual market-y things - yummy food, some arts and crafts, but a few too many crazed dogs on leads for my liking!

Had NO voice this weekend due to a bout of flu/laryngitis (difficult for a constant talker like myself!) so after stowing away in bed, was nice to get out a bit :)

South Africa is a truly beautiful place.

Lovely garden.

These waffles are evil - syrupy cinammony goodness!

Love these bright colours, and the plastic lanterns are fabulous!

Loved these textures.

Mom-in-laws vino and padre-inlaws beer ;)

Boots and leaves - loved this one!

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