Wednesday 17 April 2013

Dave & Jenny | 6 April 2013 | Steenberg Estate

Jenny is an incredibly intelligent girl, who set out to the UK to further her already impressive education - little did she know that Dave was going to become a huge part of that adventure :) It was beautiful to see a wedding where the couples families are so invested in their children and their relationship - both dads spoke about just how happy they are that Jenny & Dave found each other :) And they offered some gentle prodding along the way in the hopes of expediting the process ;)

Jenny made the loveliest giggly bride & it was wonderful to see how perfectly they compliment each other :) They both spoke about how precious it is to have been made the Heavenly Gift of of each other - it's clear they feel that way form the joy on their faces!

Jenny & Dave, thank you so much for the honor of choosing me to capture your wondrous day - wishing you a lifetime of more of the happiness, peace & adventure that you share now :)

Much love

 Jenny's exquisite dress :)

 Beautiful lady! :)

 Her bouquet was gorgeous!
 Love these two :)

 The most precious little flower girls! Jenny's cousins :)

 You could not wish for a lovelier group of girls to surround you in life & on your wedding day - all gems! :)

 Their ceremony was held at beautiful Christ Church in Kenilworth 

 Hehe ;)

 We just caught the last rays of sun before it dipped behind the mountain :)

 Adooooored Jenny's veil :)

 Oh Jenny you beauty!

 It was such a beautiful evening :)

 Jenny's dad's speech was both hilarious and heartfelt :)

 Such a beautiful celebration of love to send Dave & Jenny off into their next chapter :)


  1. wow wow wow wow wow!!!!! such such such beautiful photos! Tiffany you have a great eye for gorgeous shots. I literally had tears in my eyes whilst looking through the photos - they capture the lovely day so wonderfully! thank you. Lucy xxxx

  2. My faves are the flower petal confetti shot and the kisses by the grape vines with those lovely mountains in the distance! The light that day was gorgeous inside and outside. What a precious couple and a very special day!