Wednesday 10 April 2013

A little Behind-the-Scenes Fun :)

Working with my husband is awesome :) Even if, when downloading cards after a wedding/shoot, there are a few shockers of me looking as if I'm confused/angry/in pain ;)

He also ends up being my test model, although he does play along fairly nicely ;) Here are just a few fun ones I've been collecting for a bit :)
On Ida & Johan's e-shoot hubby made a friend ;)
 Doesn't everyone shoot ring shots like this?!
 Styling points!
 A little Kelly Moore product placement :) And some odd camera holding, not sure about that!
 Taryn & Shaun's e-shoot in De Waterkant. It was flipping hot. I swear I am actually wearing shorts here!
Sheesh but the light on Lindsay & Marcus's e-shoot was stunning - liquid gold :)
 The light in this olive grove was utterly heavenly. And on a side note, my right bicep & deltoid muscles are way chunkier than my left. 

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