Friday 1 March 2013

A few of my favorite things right now.

Wonderful internet people - I used to blog waaaaaay too much, and now I've realized my last personal post was almost 2 months ago! Whilst I love sharing all the beautiful people I get to photograph, I also love to share some of the things that make up my crazy/normal life ;)

I thought we'd start off again with something nice & light (read: fluffy ;) ). I know that all the 'stuff' that surrounds us is just, well, 'stuff'. But dang, some of it just happens to be amazing! Like our Nespresso machine. We got it last year November and I've pretty much been having a love affair with it ever since ;) It's purring little 'heart' and the coffee it trickles out have pretty much changed my morning life! Load cartridge. Press button. Swoon from heavenly aromas. Slowly wake up en route to work whilst sipping on this heavenly brew :) *sigh*

The Nespresso milk brother deserves a post to itself. Seriously. Dense, smooth, rich foam + espresso? Perfection.
 I got these from hubby for Christmas and am hunting for the perfect wall for them :)
 This was one of the best Christmas presents! Monthly ice cream deliciousness :)
 Coffee mugs from Mother-in-law - little works of vibrant art and love the awful puns ;)
 The best weekend bag - big enough for all my loot + hubby's few extras. Now traveling in style :)

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  1. hehehehe!!! We LOVE our Nespresso machine - before it I was just a coffee connoisseur now Im an ADDICT!! My fave is Apreggio - whats yours? Ps are those Ingrid Hall's works of art I spy? I also have 3 and dying to get more!! LOVE!!