Tuesday 26 February 2013

Taryn & Shaun | Love Shoot | De Waterkant

One of the things I love about my job is just how beautiful love actually is. To spend time around people so clearly in love and loved, is the most amazing experience. Their really is no greater thing than to love and be loved in return :) You can tell when it's there. A heart & life set on fire :)

Taryn & Shaun share that kind of love. In a way that is quiet, at peace, teasing & just darned gorgeous :) They both say that they counter-balance each other just right, and within 5 minutes of meeting them, I could see it :)

These two gorgeous lovebirds are getting married in Thailand next month! I can only just imagine how beautiful their wedding is going to be, and cannot wait to see the pictures :) For their engagement shoot,  they wanted images that showcased some of the beauty of Cape Town as a city. We settled on De Waterkant with its beautiful, trendy, colorful backdrop. And I love how their images came out :)

Taryn & Shaun, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph this exciting time in your lives :)
Wishing you a lifetime of adventure, happiness & ever-growing depth to the beautiful love you share :)

Much love

I adored the bright colors they chose for their first outfits :)

 It's truly beautiful how they look at each other :)
 Taryn is clearly Shaun's princess - he treats her like royalty :)

 Oh and Taryn? Could easily model for Vogue if her day job doesn't work out! Those eyes! Seriously, my camera had a love affair :)

 Seriooooously?! Too too gorgeous :)

 Just perfect in every way :)
 And Shaun is totally GQ himself :)
 And did the best job selecting Taryn's beautiful princess-cut diamond ring :)

 Taken by my hubby :)

 Love loved the feel of this wall, the door, the creeper - looks like somewhere in Europe :)

 Then an outfit change and some sweeping romance :)
 Heehee, had to include this one - those stairs would have been awesome to use, had they not been condemned. There was also a gathering of the Feline Mafia - no less than 5 cats on the steps!
 Another awesome one by hubby :)

 Absolutely adore this :)

 Oh too too beautiful! And, a man that can make his lady laugh gets 10/10 in my book!

 They graciously agreed to lie down on the cobbled stone, and I'm SO grateful they did, as these are some of my favorite lying down shots ever :)

 ....have run out of words for Taryn's beauty :)

 Cobbled roads may be my new favorite backdrop :)

 Suave Shaun :)

 This lovely is seriously straight off the pages of Vogue :) Gracefulness & beauty beyond measure :)

We ended off with a couple flash photos for something different :)
 And this I love. Love love. It's the perfect image to end off with :) 


  1. These images are SO lovely! The tender and devoted love captured in these photos is something so beautiful to see. That last image... no words! Breathtaking :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I know Taryn!!! She studied Marketing with me :) How goregous these images are Tiffs and how beautiful their love!!! Stunning!!!

  3. Wow! These two are absolutely stunning and I'm breathless after viewing all the lovely pictures of them. Cobblestones... amazing. Doors... where ever did you find all those amazing doors? Eyes... there are no words. I can see that your camera could do no wrong, but really Tiffs, these are brilliant.