Tuesday 27 November 2012

The Flanagans | Lloyd, Laetitia & Tatum

The lovely Flanagans were referred to me by sweet Katrien (whose family shoot you may remember from last year). Little Tatum is absolutely precious, and one of the busiest toddlers I have met! Seriously keeps her Mom & Dad on their feet. Literally. She's just starting to walk, but needs a little support to be able to motor it good and proper, which is where Mom & Dad come in - they both will need good back massages until this phase is over ;)

We spent a lovely afternoon following sweet little Tates around and letting her run the photoshoot show - man this kiddie pulls the best faces :) And, as it turns out, she LOVES the camera, like big time ;)

Look at how little her hands are compared to Dad's :)
 Just before she fell for the camera ;)
 You should have heard the squeals here ;)
 She does this adorable thing were she rubs her little feet together :)


 Little escape artist ;)
 Love this ;) Dad's back not so much.

 Dad & his two gorgeous ladies!

 Gah isn't this tutu beyond gorgeous?1 A gift from Tannie Katrien :)
 Biltong for teething is the best

 Love this!

Big love for Mom

 A little light reading ;)

 Bribery bling to sit still ;)

 Guess who spotted the doggie?

 Nothing better than a good handbag rummage to dig up treasures ;)
 Not 100% convinced about these teething biscuit things
 Such a gorgeous family!

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  1. I'm getting carpal tunnel from scrolling through all the beautiful shots. Apparently I've been away too long... again! This is such a precious family! Really beautiful shoot.

    If I weren't vegetarian I would most definitely been inclined to give Joy a stick of biltong. It would have made the perfect chew toy.