Wednesday 31 October 2012

Mr & Mrs in Love Launch | Festive Ideas | Simondium

The Festive Ideas Market at Simondium was the perfect place to launch Mr & Mrs in Love :) Tam & I went through to the launch evening last night and it was amazing! Megs & Cands truly outdid themselves and it was incredible to see everything come together so seamlessly :) 

Do yourself a serious favor and go visit - the market is on until Sunday :) Just try not to spend your life savings ;)

Gorgeous signage and lights :)
Meg's mom made the most divine lemonade!

The phenomenally talented Evelyn Hart (whose CD is stocked on the Mr & Mrs Site and is available for purchase at the market) blew us all away with her stunning music :)
 Too many lovely products to choose from!

 It was a massive treat to see all the images from the editorial shoot come to life in card and poster form :D

Me, Tam, Megs & Candy :)
And these are a few sample images from the product shoot of the treasures you can find! :)
*styled by Tamalin*


  1. I love this post! And definitely recommend popping down to Festive Ideas- think of it as your one stop Christmas-gift shopping spot! (you really can sort ALL your Christmas shopping out there- and all in one place!) - and everyone there is super cool and friendly and all the stuff is so pretty- much better than waiting in annoying queues. Tiffs these pics are awesome, I especially love the last few- so cool to see how it turned out- and big thanks to Megs for letting us 'trash' her house. Tiffs and I had loads of fun 'playing' :)

  2. Lovely things... lovely shoot :)

  3. Tiffany and Tamalin - you girls are incredible, I am so proud to have worked with two incredible women such as yourselves. THis venture was impossible at best but you girls have fierce hearts and fearless spirits and you brought your A-game. I had never dreamt that we could have created this sort of magic together - it is more than we could have hoped for. Walter and I are immensely proud to have been able to work with you and we we look forward to many more creative ventures with you girls as our partners in crime.
    Thank you for the best gift - I keep you girls in my heart always.

    Much love, Megs and Wallie

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