Wednesday 31 October 2012

Mr & Mrs in Love | Editorial Shoot | Styled by Tamalin

I don't know quite where to start with this post, which is a little uncharacteristic for me ;) What started out as a crazy adventure for me and the lovely Tam (who has styled many a post on my site) reached the point where lovely Megan Fleitman from Beautiful Day Designs approached us. To be a part of her dream. a BIG dream, with a crazy timeline :) BUT I believe you're not dreaming big enough if you're not at least slightly scared out of your bracket and attempting the impossible. For you see, Megs was not just starting a new business, but building a concept. A concept grounded in The Things That Count. A concept that caught my heart & soul up in a bear hug and twirled them around a flare-lit field. A little dramatic perhaps, but Megs company that she has just launched with the lovely Candice Lombard is knock-your-socks off amazing :). And I got to be a small part of it :)

I am so proud to be able to introduce you to Mr & Mrs in Love, and really, you need to go check out their site here.

Megs & Cands, thank you eternally for entrusting me with a project that challenged me creatively & at the same inspired me beyond words :) I am so honored to be a small part of the journey!

Much love

*shoot styled by the amazingly talented Tamalin*

Meet The Magic Girls (for more info about what a magic girl is, go to
Michell, Lauren, Megan, Candice, Kristin & Justine - all strong, courageous, beautiful, empowered women who are taking on the world and making it a better place :)

Gorgeous beyond anything that's actually reasonable ;)

Each girl has her own special inspirational poster which was specially designed for her :) You can purchase them at


And these are the manly men :) Jacques, Walter, Riaan, Andre & Julian :) All awesome guys who were  very gracious and cooperative with all the photo-ing ;)

 Jacques is the talented man behind all the leather goods :) (also available at

 We did a mini-shoot with each couple, the goal was emotive images, and wow did these people 'bring it'!! :)

Cands & Jacques

 Mich & Dre

 La & Riaan (who are possibly rather sick of my camera ;) )

 Mr & Mrs themselves! Megs & Walter

 Justine & Julian

 The boys had some fun with the epic kites

 Such beautiful ladies! 

 The whole gorgeous group :)

 Candy & Megs - the creative geniuses and driving force behind Mr & Mrs in Love :)
 Such beautiful ladies! :)
 And of course there was this cracker of a sunset to end off the day :)


  1. Oh my GOODNESS these are amazing! Think we need to get Tam involved in our next shoot ;)

  2. Tiffs, I am once again BLOWN away (I know that phrase is going to get old, but it is so true, your talent astounds me). These images are breathtaking- Megs hit the nail on the head when she spoke of your ability to capture incredible emotion between people through your images. This shoot was a creative dream- working with you, Megs, the way Cands has added her magic to the images and the beautiful faces and personalities of the "really small gang". The location was SO AMAZING (big thanks to Mr Bruyns for letting us use it and to Megs for suggesting it- Megan, you have incredible vision!). @Candice - Would love to be involved, but to be fair, I can't take that much credit for this shoot - Megs is a creative superbrain and came up with the most beautiful concepts which reflected the couple's personalites so perfectly and the way Tiffs captured it all- well, you've seen for yourself! :) Glad these images are making hearts happy :)

  3. And so the adventure begins...thanks to you girls for EVERYTHING - for joining us on this crazy adventure, for capturing the heart and soul of the company we are building. We could never have done it without you girls! Feeling so proud and blessed - the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. Tiffs - you have the most incredible ability to frame all things unspoken, the moment, the fleeting breath before a kiss, the look from beneath the lashes, the exhale after a beautiful embrace - you capture all that and so much more - that is what sets you apart from everyone else, that is why we chose you - thank you for putting to picture what Wallie and I could only do in words. So much love to you both x