Tuesday 3 July 2012

So proud :)

Every once in a while one is allowed to brag - I reckon the occasion of your hubby nailing his Masters Degree is one of those ;) He's going to hate me for posting this, as he doesn't like making a big deal of his achievements, but too bad ;)
He's worked his butt off for 2 and a half years on some incredible, ground-breaking research, has put in long hours and dedication, and I could not be more proud!!
These are just a few shots from his graduation ceremony (please excuse the extreme grain, in my haste I didn't take my flash with and it was DARK inside Jameson Hall!).
My love, you rock xx

 That's him!!!
 Getting capped
 Ah I love him so much!
 Receiving his printed thesis from his supervisor.
I adore that the same man who does such amazing research builds rock dams in waterfalls ;)
 Love this man more than words can say!

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  1. That is so awesome! Rock on Ross. What an achievement. Of which you have every right to brag, Ms Tiff!!! Looking very handsome in the gown :)