Monday 2 July 2012

The Awesome Atmores | Tokai Forest

You might remember Terence & Jules from their anniversary shoot I did last year :) I was thrilled when Jules booked me for a family shoot for her Mom as a birthday gift to her :) Shirley LOVES photos - Jules tells me that she's always keen to pore through photo albums and any photos really, so a shoot was the perfect gift for her :)

We spent a few hours of craziness in Tokai forest last weekend and I loved getting to know these awesome people :)

Love the bright colors they chose :)

 Lovely Shirley and her mom Audrey :)
 Never too old for a good mom cuddle ;)
3 generations!

 Gorgeous ladies!
 Little Zaz off on his own mission ;)

 High fives for Michael!
 'Wave AT the camera Zaz!' followed by this shy wave ;)
 Shirley and her boys
The last time Shirley and Jack had photos together was their wedding! 
 I'd say they managed pretty well ;)

Jules and her Dad :)

Men chilling ;)

Zaz's stance makes me giggle ;)
 LOVE Zaz's face in this one ;)
 Special snuggles

 As it turns out, you never grow out of a crazy piggy back ride ;)

 Ah Terence, your keen face cracks me up ;)
 Good-lookin' Atmore siblings!

 Album cover ;)

What are brothers for ;)
 Love these two :)
 Heehee ;)

 Family Jenga with spectators ;)

 For claiming to be out of practice, these lovebirds have the moves ;)
 Lovely Jules!
 Hard to believe they're not related ;)

 And of course a wild jumping shot!

 Zazi's super keen face!

 Love family mayhem :)
 Zaz loved this!

 And...what men are really feeling on a photoshoot ;) hehe
Thank you lovely Atmores for such a fun afternoon! You guys rock!


  1. Tiff, you have exceeded my expectations (yet again!) You are a true artist, my friend! Thank you for capturing our family, quirks and all :)So much love to you!

  2. This is such a fantastic set of images. Captures everything family is about - joy, fun, excitement, playfulness and so much love. What a gorgeously (is that a word?) photogenic and lovely family and what a wonderfully talented photographer :)