Thursday 5 January 2012

Vissers, Brinks & Ebdens | Family | UCT Campus

Let me start by saying - what a PRECIOUS and loving family :) Families, with all their nuances, are beautiful :) It's such a joy to see the different relationships - the cuteness between a girl and her Dad, the teasing between a man and his father-in-law, gran's doting, I love it all :) 

It was such a joy & privilege to spend time documenting the love this family shares :)

To Tracy, Justin, Hannah, Carmen, Chris, Flo, Sally and Granny Pam - the hugest thank you for letting me a little into your lives and beautiful family :) And to Grandpa who was unfortunately sick in hospital, he was definitely there in the hearts of his family :)


Two gorgeous sisters and their dashing hubbies :)

Tracy, Justin and their precious baby girl Hannah :)

Shmooshy kiss face ;)

Love these of Carmen & hubby Chris :)

Dear Sally & Flo :)

The Original Vissers ;)

Adorbs sisters :)

All the ladies of the family :)

Hehe, Dad and his son-in-laws ;)

How precious??

Doting Dad and his girls :)

Love this one :)

So special :)

Hehe, this took several tries to time correctly ;)

And a Mary Poppins jump for good measure ;)

I love Grans, seriously, I'm a sucker for stories & reminiscing, love it :) And Granny Pam is incredibly special :)

All the ladies have got solitaire engagement rings and plain bands, love it :)

Granny and her girls :)

Trying to recreate a shot ;)

A beautiful mama and her baba :)

And I'll end with these two candids, because, well, family's are about the 'in-betweens' and I love the feel of these :)


  1. Beautiful work Tiffs. There is nothing more I can say....

  2. Wow! the love between this family was captured beautifully.

  3. Lovely family shots! how precious! I SOOOO want one a family shoot now...on my list of "must do's" for 2012! Be expecting a ring from me this year!!!

  4. I love how the blues POP in this shoot.