Thursday 11 August 2011

The Hales

As I may have mentioned yesterday, this is a family of fairly stunning people :) I also happen to have a huge crush on their house - it really is absolutely stunning! Helen also has a real eye for detail and decor that I totally love :)

It also gives me a right giggle to watch Hubby interacting with Nats and Jason, generally Graeme and myself are required to pull our 'children' to order, hehe! 

Any rate, enough babbling from me, here's a selection of my absolute favourites from the shoot, hope you enjoy 'em!

How gorgeous are these poppies? LOVE!

Nats made us heavenly brownies for dessert, which were served with ice cream & Bar One sauce. Totally worth the instant diabetes ;)


Kittehs sunning themselves.

Need I say anything, really?

Loved the brightness of the poppies and the navy of Natty's shoes :)

Jason is an excellent golfer! Truly! I would probably take my ear off if someone were mad enough to let me near a club...!

Two very good looking kids :)

For me, this is family.

Helen, you are too lovely for words :) I love how you always talk about my mom, and point out when I do things that remind you of her, it's so special :)

Incredibly special family :)

Right bunch of lookers!

Did I mention I loved Nats' shoes? And love the laughter on the right!

Sibling love ;)

Love the feeling in this one :)


Jason did a spectacular jump!

Oh Natty you are gorge!

I laughed so hard whilst getting these shots! Family mayhem on the ground and too precious for words!

Love how Nats is being silly and Jason is telling her to behave, that's brothers for you!

Um yes, you two are definitely gorgeous!

This is just how siblings should be ;)

I think this'll make Graeme purchase an arsenal of shotguns! I might... ;)

And this...this is why CT makes my heart melt :)

Now, this is not my usual style, but after the sun had set Nat came down in this stunning new dress, so we tried out some off camera flash on the stairs :) Kate Moss much???

Lovely girl!

From laughing to serious, and as beautiful as ever!

A visit to the Hales wouldn't be complete without one of Graeme's legendary cappuccinos!

Thank you, beautiful Hale family, for letting me photograph you, but even more for your friendship, we love you a ton :)



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  2. Inlove hun!!!! The way you have captured the pure love of this family is AWESOME!!! Very very well done!!!

  3. Thanks a million sweetie!! Your encouragement means a TON :D x

  4. Love the pictures! esp the one of the siblings sitting on each other! Your skills are maturing and forming more of your own style. It's absolutely fantastic and beautiful! :)

  5. these images are so beautiful tiffany!

  6. Ah Tash you're the biggest honey! Sjoewee thank you SO much for your stunning compliment!! x