Friday 12 August 2011

Friday Randoms: Inspiration & Underestimating My Life

This past few weeks have been ones of utter MAGIC :) Everything has been moving so fast, in such a good way, that I have to pinch myself every now and then to remind myself it's all REAL :). I've been incredibly blessed to meet some truly amazing photographers who have inspired my socks off :). There's still a part of me (the cynical, afraid, pessimistic & insecure voice) that is waiting for someone to tell me to get real, but there's a growing part of me that is filled with excitement & joy at the journey ahead of me! My heart rate has reached a new, higher resting pace ;)

It's funny you know. People will often ask me whether and how much I miss my parents. And obviously, it's been tough not having them there for the 'big' things - graduating, our wedding etc. But sometimes I'll be doing something perfectly non-extraordinary and a wave of longing will hit me. This week I was organising my jewellery when I came across my Mom's rings. I love these rings, I love how my Dad designed them for her, I love that the diamond is missing (odd I know, but it adds to the preciousness) and I love how their names are engraved into the gold. And seeing these, my heart skipped a beat. I wish my Dad were here to see how I've fallen in love with one of these passions, and I wish my Mom was here so that I could cry into her lap when things go wrong. BUT I am blessed with many many happy memories of them, and am blessed with people who share 'pieces' of how they knew them, and I am blessed that apparently pieces of them are visible in my actions. And for now, that's enough :)

Have I mentioned I seriously heart my macro lens?? Must be so if I've taken to using ridiculous terms like 'heart'! ;)

Now I'm not sure whether the perspective quite conveys this, but for some reason, when I was shopping at the end of last year for a diary, I decided that a 15x8cm Moleskine would somehow cut it. Talk about underestimating my life! the Queen of the List and notemaking should have known, this was not a good idea! Hence I've had to resort to writing midget-size lists that practically warrant a magnifying glass to read! And I frequently 'lose' it in my ginormous handbag.... reasoning after last year's wedding planning was that my life would be quieting down... 
For the record, I'm SO incredibly glad it hasn't!
And next year, I shall buy a diary that is in proportion to the dreams I'll be having for 2012 - it may be an A1 size ;)


  1. Precious lady you!!! Thanks always for sharing, we LOVE it!!! I heart how you use your macro lens too ;D

  2. this is sooooo special tiffany... sjoe.

  3. I love it! :) The pictures of the rings are absolutely beautiful! and the rings are stunning! :)

  4. Sweet :) I'm so glad you have those rings. Burglers took mom's ring when we lived in Randpark Ridge. Wish I still had it. But I at least have so many of her lovely brooches. Draws me nearer to her when I look at them.