Wednesday 20 July 2011

Mid-Week Rantage: Baileys & MAC

It's been such a fantastic week! Got so many amazing things in the pipeline that really, my head is spinning with ideas and happiness :)

On Monday evening Kim du Toit came over to my place to play with my makeup - she's also interested in MAC makeup and wanted to try mine out. It was a blast! We even got the false lashes right ;) Well, she did, on the first try! I was very impressed :)

Then this evening my dear friend Katie (whom you'll remember from her shoot) came over to say goodbye, as she leaves for Aus tomorrow :(. We had our traditional Bailey's coffee and the best girly chat ever :)

Feeling blessed to have so many great girl friends, both old and new :) 

Photo by Kim :)

Photo by hubby.

And again ;)


  1. hey lovely lady!!!! Woohoo you rock those lashes love!!!
    Thanks so much for an awesome eve I am soooo excited to start trying out my new found skills!!! Love Ross' photo!!! XXX

  2. that may be my favourite photo ever...i am puttin that in a frame!!!!!!