Sunday 19 June 2011

Weekend Ramblings

I'm fairly certain is not grammatically correct to begin a sentence with 'so', but I think it works. This weekend I had a new baby to play with - my 70-200mm 2.8f lens, and man did I go a little nuts. Now don't worry, I've only got a selection of the photos I took to subject you to ;). 

Oh, and due to the miff weather today have had to postpone a photoshoot, so have had WAY too much time for my FAVOURITE addiction - surfing the interwebs and devouring online blogs. Seriously, I may have a problem...but until I forget how to talk and freeze in position with my fingers glued to my Mac, I'm disinclined to address the matter ;)

For these weekend posts, I was thinking of rambling a bit, and then sharing a few links to things inspiring me, whaddaya'll think? Gonna give it a shot and then you can let me know if it's working or not :)

1. Letterpress envy. Seriously. I am GREEN. One day I'm gonna get something like this made for me :)
2. Catherine Mac Photography. Everything on that site. Truly.
3. Kiki. An organisation for photographers started by Christine Meintjes. Really, it's changed the way I view the industry and the options I have. YAY for meeting new friends!
4. My Pinterest Page. *Sigh* another addiction. But man, GENIUS who created this site!
5. Photojojo. Most awesome accessories and camera stuff. Luckily shipping is expensive, otherwise hubby would have to pry credit card from my frozen hands.
6. My life may just be complete when I get these two items: firstly, a Shootsac and then an Instax. Someone go tell Hubby it's my birthday in a month!

Now, having reviewed that, I realise every link is photog related, pretty much. Not surprising, considering that my camera and lenses now rank dangerously close to Hubby vying for space in my heart (I kid!), photography is currently like my new boyfriend who has swept me off my feet. So...if you want to see something else on my blog, or ask a question, feel free to drop me a line in the comments box below or an email :)

Oh, last thing. As you'll notice below, I've been playing around with my borders and logo, let me know what you think :) Also working on something else exciting for my branding, soon to be unveiled!

Realise I am biased, but the mountains in CT are GORGEOUS!

Just check at how cool (read: nerdy) I am! Able to hold an ice cream AND shoot at same time ;)

Canon 70-200mm 2.8f, I LOVE YOU.

I reckon Autumn is my favourite season.

Back at Asara, Hubby is addicted to their ice cream (I, of course, am unscathed my such pursuits ;) NOT)

I like shadows.

Nearly stepped on this poor little guy, so thought a pic was appropriate for his new lease on life.

Would've SO stolen this fountain if it'd fit in my bag. No such luck.

Barrique at Vredenheim for lunch.

Testing evening/dusk light.

Hubby posing (check at how excited he is! ;) ) for dusk outdoor flash test.

Rents-in-law's yacht, Bagheera.

Gordon's Bay Yacht Club at Twilight.

And well, that was my weekend. But enough rambling from me :)

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