Sunday 19 June 2011

Logo & Branding you will see above, I now have a logo! Well, a test one at any rate ;)

I've been playing around in PS trying to come up with something, and here it is....for a start :)

I would REALLY appreciate it if you all could take a look and please give me some advice/criticism/anything you feel will be helpful :)

Love Tiffs


  1. I like it. Nice & simple. Would be cute if the sparrow was sitting on the "B" :]

  2. Thanks Amy! Will tinker around with it a little more :) x

  3. Simplicity! If I were mixing it with the typography I'd probably want to add some contrast between the two using a strong color contrast or inverting the bits that overlap.

  4. Thanks Jonathan :) will try some of that out for sure :)