Monday 27 June 2011

Sneak Peek: Merlene & Izabella

I don't actually know where to start with Merlene, so I'll start with how we met :). I found Merlene online when hunting for a makeup artist last year, and adored her from the moment we met!

Merlene is one of those girls who is just so stunning you almost expect her to be mean, just to balance out all the gorgeousness, but no, she also happens to be one of the most warm, genuine and down-to-earth people I've ever met. And humble. So humble. Not only is she stunning, she's also incredibly talented with a makeup brush, and has a real gift for making a girl feel beautiful, trust me, I know from experience :).

So you can imagine how excited I was when she agreed to pose for me! And she's actually very shy and not too fond of the camera (not that you'd tell!) so I really thank her for agreeing to be my muse for an hour :). Along with her precious baby Izabella, who was a BALL of energy, we managed to get a few good's a sneak peak, enjoy!

Plain gorgeous :)

Pardon? Not photogenic she told me? Pffft...this is her talking whilst nibbling her finger and she could knock you out with her beauty!

Madam Izabella, a ball of love and energy!

Thank you SO much for the privilege of allowing me to bug you with my lens for a good hour Merlene :)


  1. Beautiful Photos. Can she give lessons on how to do eye make-up? She has done a GREAT job on her eyes... I'm serious. Gia

  2. She does indeed! It's her off-season now, but if you go to you'll find more of her work as well as her contact details :) She taught me how to wield a MAC brush ;)