Tuesday 28 June 2011

*insert VERY loud shrieking!*

Right, let me state from the get go that I LOVE my little EOS 550D, it has steadfastly served me and I think it's a fantastic piece of equipment.

But... I came home to THIS today lying nonchalantly on my bed!!!!! Oh joyous, wonderful and supportive husband whom I now love, like a million times more procured this beauty for me!

Here are a couple photos of my new baby - my Canon 5D. YES - MY CANON 5D!!!!!

I would write more, but I have a camera that needs to be caressed and have sweet nothings whispered to it.... ;)


  1. Lucky! This is like the.most.amazing.camera.EVER.

  2. Right?! I feel SO spoilt and blesses :D

  3. Hilarious!!! Sweet nothings, OMW!!! Congrats to having an amzing hubby = now owning and AMAZING camera!!!