Friday 4 January 2013

For 2013, with love.

Anyone happen to know where the heck 2012 went?!

Seriously though, what an incredible year 2012 was :) I cannot actually believe how much happened last year, how much my business has grown, and how blessed I have been :) WOW. I was reading over my goals list that I compiled at the end of 2011, and thought I'd run through them to see how I'd fared:

1. Stop comparing - this is alway a toughie, but I'm working on it :) I know I feel happier and more secure in my work when I don't compare. So don't.

2. Grow as an artist - whilst I don't always feel quite 'comfortable' with identifying with the artist role, I feel like I'm able to give myself more credit now. Well, a little. Not gonna be cracking out a paintbrush anytime soon!

3. Draw inspiration - this one I can say yes to. Maybe not always enough, but I've actively looked for ways to keep my creative 'cup' full, and to acknowledge how important it is to do so :)

4. BALANCE - *sigh* I learn things the hard way ;) But this lesson hit home hard a few months this year. It's important to make boundaries and stick to them.

5. NEVER FORGET - the beginning of all this :) I don't know if I'd ever be able to, I'm always looking back and feeling incredibly grateful for a journey that has come so far :)

6. Be more thankful - oh this I feel every day :) I feel blessed for each beautiful bride I'm able to capture, for love, for beautiful light in unlikely places. I SEE everything more, and it's filled places inside my soul I didn't know were there :)

7. Own a 50mm 1.2f. And a Canon 5D mkIII whilst we're at it :) - I still can't believe this actually happened :) This was a pipe dream, and I was blessed to get both these babies this year! They have rocked my world :)

8. Continue to book clients I love - Oh yes :) As you saw from my recap post, I was blessed with the most awesome clients on the face of the earth. Ever :)

9. Pass the love on - I want to do more of this, but was blessed to photograph a local children's home, and it was a joy to do :)

10. Pray more - always able to do more, but I feel like I've allowed this journey to happen at tis own pace, with it's own timing, and to be led down the right path :) And every day it feels right :)

And now, for 2013....

1. A rocking website - I feel like this is the next step :)

2. More awesome clients - the 'best fit' concept is working better than I could have dreamed :) More of the same please :)

3. BALANCE - this is always a juggling act. So important.

4. Exercise - 7kg of camera equipment balanced in front of ones eyes for 8 hours is no joke. It's important to be strong and healthy. Unfortunately this means more gym & pilates. Party on ;)

5. 85mm 1.2 - just throwing it out there. The universe, after all, was kind last year ;)

6. Office space - need to work on creating an environment conducive to focus & productivity. Watch this space.

7. Give back - same as last year :) would love to do more of this :) It's invaluable to maintain perspective...

8. Keep heart - I want to love doing this, being this, loving love, forever. I want to keep my heart on fire with the sense of 'aliveness' I feel every day now :) And much like a fire, it needs to be nurtured gently, which I hope I can do :)

I don't think I'll ever get enough of flare :)
 Or this ridiculous man :)
 The calm in the in-between of the blessed craziness that has become my life :)
 And the changed perspective, the beautiful gift, that photography has blessed my heart with :)


  1. Congrats tiff on all your achievements! Now that Ross has a job, will you be quitting OT and doing photography full time?

  2. Thank you so much Ames! Hehe, no immediate plans, but we'll see ;) xx