Tuesday 16 October 2012

Charlie & Armand in Love | Gordons Bay & Koelbaai

Oh I am a total softy for a beautiful love story. Meet Charlie - beautiful, tiny, giggly lady. And Armand - tall, strong, suave. Their love story starts in Gordons Bay, where we took some of their engagement pictures, and the next chapter of their story started this past weekend where they joined their lives together. Their story is not without hardship - up until now their relationship has stood the test of long distance, with Armand serving in the British army & Charlie teaching here. They were only reunited 3 days before this shoot, and I can tell you that the chemistry they share is electric. Electric, beautiful, tangible. And a joy to my heart to have witnessed! Just look at the first image in this post - look at how he is gazing at her & the peace and calm that resonates in her beautiful face :) My heart melts - this is what it's all about :)

Charlie & Armand, thank you eternally for choosing me to be the privileged one to capture your special memories and your life-changing love :) My heart sings with joy that you won't have to be apart in distance anymore! I hope you're having the most amazing honeymoon :)

So much love

We had a typically insanely windy Gordons Bay day ;)

 This is literally the 4th image I shot and look how natural they are!

 Oh girl you have the most beautiful eyes!

 These two talk constantly about how lucky they are to have the other - it's beautiful :)

 Armand was all too happy to receive the many kisses I requested of them ;)

 I love this :)

 Some action shots ;)

 Seriously impressive height ;)
 Oh go on ;)
 Such natural models ;)

 Freaking adore!

The rings they exchanged before Armand left for the UK
'I love you more'
'I was made for you'

 We then charged through to a very windy Koelbaai - Charlie's suggestion and it was so so beautiful :)

 The wind was insane but created such beautiful movement in the images :)

 It was rather chilly so we had hoody-breaks for Charlie ;)
 Which made for darned cute pictures ;)
 Oh Charlie you are too too beautiful :)

 Handsome Armand :)

 Love love love this series!
 Love how these two laugh when they're together!

 We did many takes to get a flare kiss ;)
 Gallant Armand carried Charlie up the steps so her feet wouldn't get hurt :)

 As we were heading back to Gordons Bay the sky turned this beautiful pink! So we had to jump out at the beach to get a few shots :)

 Adore this :)!!

 Armand is also a serious fan of beautiful sunsets - we were all utterly blown away by this stunner of a one that we were blessed with! It made for the perfect ending to their shoot :)

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  1. Wow! Both are gorgeous models, as you said. What beautiful locations. The silhouette series are both so lovely. Very special shoot!