Monday 24 September 2012

Being Photographed is Important Too :) | Images by Heather Steyn

I stand firm in believing that in order to understand something fully, you most times need to experience it first :) I fell in love, not with photography, but rather with what it stands for - what it is able to freeze in time and reveal. For me that is as close to magic as it gets :) I dreamt of becoming a photographer because of my own photography-related experiences and the meaning that captured images hold for me. And I hope and pray with ever click of my shutter that the images I capture will hold meaning, not just aesthetics.

If I think of the images I treasure, it's of people long gone, of moments forgotten, of things captured that I recognize in the people I love, the power of emotion, the beauty of a frozen moment.... And for this reason, I have gotten photographs to commemorate most important life events: celebrating our engagement, our wedding, our one year anniversary, a boudoir shoot for the hubby. For me it's the photographer that is most important - I wanted to choose photographers that I could trust to handle myself/hubby/family in a way that would allow us to be as natural as possible. That makes for images that capture not just moments, not just memories, but a small reflection of your soul that makes your head scream 'YES, that's me/us/IT' :)

It's intimidating to be in front of the camera. Serious. Having a massive lens all up in your personal space is simply NOT a natural experience ;) But, with the right photographer it can be a the raddest experience - a fun time that goes by without you even realising ;)

I wanted some portraits of myself for my site, and lovely Heather Steyn was definitely the lady for the job - we spent the funnest afternoon trampling around a forest, sinking in mud and dodging wet patches, to land these images :) And I LOVE them, that they capture my crazy, not-so-ladylike self along with a few uncharacteristically graceful moments ;)

Thank you, dear Heather, for the gift of capturing 'me' - you are a magician :)

Much love


  1. Love this Tiffs! You are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Ah Sweetness, you are so very lovely. The brolly shots are my fave.