Monday 25 June 2012

Amy & Ryan | 16 June 2012 | Nitida

I never tire of weddings :) Perhaps because they're part of a love story, and I'm a sucker for a love story :)

It's a beautiful thing to see two people so filled with joy and excitement to spend their lives together - Amy & Ryan showed just that throughout their day :) I loved their approach - no fuss, no production, just two people celebrating their love and union, surrounded by their closest friends and family. What they were left with was a day that spoke volumes of their love. They requested a relaxed documentation of their day, and it was so special to witness their few quiet moments together after the ceremony, and to capture a little of their magical love :)

Thank you so much for choosing me!

Amy's sister Erin is a makeup genius :)

 Amy's mom putting finishing touches on the beautiful veil she made :)

 Amy's dad

 Love the bustle of girls getting ready :)

 A last minute call from the groom :)

 Beautiful, radiant Amy :)

 One of my favorite bridal portraits of all time :)

 The most beautiful blue eyes!

 And, if possible, even more beautiful when she laughs :)

 Pure elegance!

 Amy and her beautiful bridesmaids - Shana & Erin

 Routing guests ;)

 Handsome Ryan and his boys :)

 Amy & Ryan requested not to have a traditional couple shoot - so I captured their quiet five minutes 'alone' after the ceremony with a long lens :)

 Beautiful girls :)
*nerd alert* for the photographers out there, this is how the 5dmk3 baby performs at 6400iso at dusk!

 Amy's dad 'Ryan was very awkward when we met him!' hehehe

 Now, these two dance pretty seriously - they literally burned up the dance floor with their moves!

 Ryan's awesome Gran ;)

Awesome service providers:
Venue: Nitida
Dress: Bride & Co
Makeup: Erin Ismay (the brides lovely sister)
Photographers Assistant: My indispensable hubby :)


  1. What a beautiful wedding! The bride was stunning. I particularly loved her veil. Great job once again, Tiffs!

  2. so beautifully, tenderly and romantically captured Tiffs, well done girlie!

  3. those bridal portraits should be in friggin' vogue...jeez louise!

  4. Your bridal portraits are so beautiful - breathtaking to be exact. Love the moments you capture!