Sunday 20 May 2012

Weekend Ramblings | Snippets of Life :)

This is going to sound one heck of a weird - but ya'll may have noticed I've been quiet for a bit and the reason is, I haven't felt that there's been a lot of me to say. UNHEARD OF right?! I've been giving my soul a little space to breathe, to take life in, to nurture my creative side. And it's been such a blessing :)

I'm sorry if you missed me - I see that I've still been having unprecedented views to my site, so thank you for visiting :) If you went through my archives, I'm sure you found enough to keep you busy ;)

These images are just a few snippets of my life these past few weeks...

An amazing cappuccino - nothing beats that!

 These clouds made my heart beat faster. Oh South Africa you will always hold my heart!
 Falling back in love with my 50mm lens, and photographing my gorgeous hubby!
 Even when he ain't digging' it ;)

 The beginnings of CT winter have brought all sorts of lovely surprises :)
 Love this pooch - even if she's a complete nutter!
 Of course, don't all husbands do this during power outages?!
 My favorite Stellenbosch market with some of my favorite crazy ladies!
 Love the snuggle clothes options that winter brings - and the beautiful fallen leaves everywhere :)

 Love the new packaging on Woolies milk :) And may be a teensy bit obsessed with anything that has a map print on it ;)
 Love this old school lamp that is the start of my home office revamp! And this throw has changed my life. Well, maybe that's a little extreme. It's certainly saved me from frozen footsies! 


  1. Hey Tiffs...glad you have had time to just "be"-so important when life feels like it is swallowing you up whole!

    Hubby looks like something from "The Shinning" in that photo of the power outage..ha ha!! (and yes, a typical male thing to do!!)

    LOVE that!

  2. Oh... It all just makes me miss you! (Eyes moist at this moment.)