Sunday 29 April 2012

Weekend Ramblings | Timeout

Sometimes, it's embarrassingly easy to forget how to actually relax. To sit on a stoep, drink tea and actually stay still for long enough that you hear life continue to go on around you. And to appreciate the beauty, to reflect, is a precious gift. Last weekend, in celebration of our 2 year anniversary, hubby and I had the most amazing getaway to a little farm outside of Robertson, called Die Laaitjie. In the middle of the mountains, it was the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and re-charge the creative batteries.

 There are 3 little cottages that sleep 4 people each. Simple, clean decor.
 Little pieces of home - Kelly bag and cupcakes in the fridge ;)
 My sensible hiking shoes! ;) Ignore the un-tended to toenails.

 LOVED the little plants.
 The beautiful manor house.

 Wanted to steal this chair. But instead just photographed it ;)
 A good book, speckled eggs and fruit juice, perfection.
 Hubby playing with the HDR on the new camera.

 Apparently I have gorilla-length arms!

 This delightful creature graced our cottage - and then had its own photoshoot courtesy of hubby.

 I really am the most horrid model! And badly behaved!
 We went for a lunchtime boat cruise, complete with picnic at Viljoensdrift :)

 Whilst I read a book, hubby of course built a dam to re-direct the course of the waterfall! As men do..


 This is what happens when you ask your husband to pose for a photo!
 Hard to believe that I'm the normal one! ;)

 We went for dinner at Reubens at the Robertson Small Hotel - AMAZING!!

 Mushroom broth.
 Squid and soup.
 The most amazing steak in the world, and pork belly.
 Capuccino and chocolate brûlée. 
 Last-minute shots of the lovely finishing touches of the decor.

 Beautiful natural jewels.
 Love road-tripping! Especially with hubby - endless amounts of fun and love the adventure :)


  1. Pragtig, Pragtig, Pragtig!!! Love your detailed pics!! 'n Koppie koffie, cupcake en als lyk sommer mooier deur jou lens!!! Love die kosmos blommetjies! You are blessed with a great talent! xxx Amelia

  2. ahhhh so glad you got away! :) beautiful images tiffs!

  3. Happy Anniversary. (if I haven't said already) That place looks stunning. I am always looking for cute places to go away for our anniversary, so this looks like one to try! Love the photos of the both of you! (the b & w ones especially!) And I LOVE that one of the reflection in the water!

  4. I'm practically swooning here. What a gorgeous location. It oozes relaxation. I, of course, can't remember the last time I got to read a magazine for more than 2 minutes without interruption. Indoors and outdoors, it looks like a perfect hideaway.

  5. PS I too love building dams :)