Sunday 15 April 2012

Bailey & Richard | 8 April 2012 | Pampoenkraal, Durbanville

 I adore this image above - so tender, vulnerable and full of love :) It makes my heart flutter!

Bailey & Richard have something incredibly special - a love so firmly grounded in God's grace and love that you can see it shining out from them as individuals and through their relationship. So it comes as no surprise that their wedding reflected this same love in abundance! I had a smile on my face, or tears in my eyes, for the majority of the day, and from what I saw, all their friends and family felt the same way :)

I love that Bails is super organized, calm, certain, incredibly generous with her love and time. A true woman of God who is going to make one heck of a wife to be reckoned with :) Rich is strong, centered, has a naughty sense of humor and a love for his wife that is almost too beautiful to witness. 

Bails & Rich, I can't tell you how honored I am that you chose me to bear witness and to capture your most special of days - I pray that these images capture even a fraction of what you guys share and the joy of your day, to remind you :)

So much love

Once again, there are a LOT of images, sorry ;)

The day dawned partly sunny and gave us a few showers (of luck!) later on.
 The decor was beautiful - a lot of it done by Bailey's amazing Mom Barbara :)

 The cookie favors were delicious! 
 Barbara also made the cake and cupcakes :)

 So many beautiful spots around this venue!
 Bails' dress was absolute perfection for her :)
 Exquisit attention to detail - just like the bride ;)

 Something old :)

 Couldn't resist posting this image hubby captured - how CUTE are the chicks?
 Bridesmaids did an A-grade job getting The Dress on :)
 These girls are all something seriously special :)

 Oh Bails you are beautiful beyond words :)

 Those eyes!!
 SUCH grace :)

 Elegance personified :)

 The brides lovely Mom and then her Dad seeing her for the first time :)

 Handsome Rich and Die Manne :)

 The beautiful bridesmaids
 This...this is how every girl dreams her husband will look at her :) These were such beautiful moments :)

 Confetti run with a sprinkling of rain ;)
 And back into the church, out of the rain ;)
 One of the few shots we managed outdoors before the wet drove us back in!
 The butt-kicking bridal party!

 They were even up for a spot of running-in-heels!

 Beautiful ladies!
 Hehe, love Rich's face here ;)

 Beautiful moment caught by hubby :)

 I really need to learn more about rugby ;)

 These two needed almost no directing - seriously, they were born to live their love out loud :)

 Laughter is beautiful :)

 They were absolute troopers when the heavens decided to open for 10 minutes, in the middle of their couple shoot!
 LOVE this series :)

 Singin' in the rain ;)

 Beautiful, gorgeous Bailey :)
 Handsome Rich :)

 First dance practice :)

 The speeches were spectacular ;)

 You had to be there ;)

 They had a beautiful first dance which set the tone for the epic dancing which followed ;)

 SO much love :)

 We snuck out at the end of the night to capture these in the open field and I LOVE how they came out :)

Mr & Mrs Sclanders, wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness & adventure :)

Service Providers
Florist: Moondrops
Videographer: Desmond Etsebeth
Cake: Baileys Mom Barbara
Makeup: Kerry Lee Cockrell (bridesmaid)
Suit: Studio W @ Woolworths
Assistant: My ever-awesome Hubby :)


  1. oh wow! They are absolutely stunning!! What a gorgeous bride. You really did an amazing job! That decor is beautiful too, love the flowers and the way you captured the tables, that bokeh in the background is gorgeous!

  2. Tiffany - thank you - the pics are truly beautiful - but more than that - I believe you've captured much of the essence of Bailey and Rich's characters and the love they have for each other. And of course Bailey IS gorgeous!

    (I'm Bailey's dad and perhaps a little biased!)

  3. Tiffany! This is just beautiful! x

  4. ah these are such awesome images and moments you captured tiffs! you grow so much with every wedding, well well done team burnham!

  5. Wow! This wedding rocked! I love the photos... all of them, so I can see why you couldn't pair it down any. I think the shots with the umbrella are precious. I also love the ones by that huge fallen tree. They are a darling couple and it looks like it was a very fun day.

  6. You capture things so elegantly! So proud of you :) Big fan here! xx