Friday 16 March 2012

The Precious Krantz Family | Len, Walda, Baby Nine & Nana Alta | Melkbos Strand

I feel so blessed to have met this family :) Walda contacted me a few weeks ago on a referral from the sweetheart Becs from Love Made Visible to ask for a family shoot with their newborn little girl :) Now, I've discovered that I LOVE newborn/family shoots - there is something incredibly special about that first month with a newborn baby. Exhausted parents, but such a sense of love, joy and a much-awaited treasuring of the precious little new being :)

Walda and her hubby Len are amazing parents already - with hearts of gold and the most genuine love for the Lord and each other - having spent just a couple of hours with them I can only imagine the blessing they are to each other and their loved ones :) Len is a doctor and Walda is an Occupational Therapist, talk about coincidence ;) Walda's mom Alta (Nana as she will be known ;) ) has clearly been such a help in these first few weeks, and single-handedly sewed, created and designed baby Nine's nursery! I reckon she should do it full time, I fell in love with the soft yellow birdie-themed design *swoon*

Baby Nine is the most adorable little character - at 4wks old she already has the most fantastical range of facial expressions, loved them all! And she is surrounded by love, so much of it :)

Here are some of my favourites from their shoot (there are a fair few!) :) ...

Precious mini-baby-parts :)

She'd just started to wake up here - how precious are those little lippies?

She has a seriously enviable shoe collection already ;)

Alta's handiwork - how delicious is the decor??

Comforting cuddles from Mama :)

More stunning decor :)

LOVE the birds :) :) :)

Walda is beyond incredibly beautiful, seriously.


Amazing how a baby at 4wks already knows Mama's voice so well!

SO much of love :)

Hehe, see what I mean by the facial expressions! I secretly reckon this was her 'who's the funny photographer lady Ma?' finger ;)

There really is something about a man's hands and a baby - so special!

Heheheh, love these faces ;)


It's tiring being this cute! F'reals.

If Mom & Dad are anything to go by (and they are!) Nine is going to be one stunner of a girl!

Saam met Nana :)

3 generations of beautiful ladies!

Walda has decorated their home so beautifully :) And finished it off with a whole lotta love!

Nine's gorgeous woven bassinet :)

Safe in Papa's strong hands which do the Lords work every day :)

This window light was edible, as is this gorgeous family!

Nine and her gorgeous cushion :) How adorbs are the handies here?

Chubby baby legs and in her birdy-crib :)

Photo by hubby of the awesome birds that visit in the Krantz' backyard!

So heartwarming to see how in love Walda & Len are - couldn't resist doing a few shots of them in this stunning evening light! 
*side note: you'd never guess from how gorgeous they both look that they're parents to a newborn, right?!


Thank you, Len & Walda, for having us into your home and allowing us to capture a glimpse into this exciting and blessed chapter of your lives! Praying that the blessings will only multiply :)
Much love!


  1. What can a grandfather say ! Bloemfontein is too far away !

  2. Just precious and amazing!

  3. oh these are just sooo beautiful tiffs, so tender and so precious! x

  4. Thank you SO much lovely people :) xx

  5. Beautiful family. Such a lovely home. They do look absolutely fantastic for having a newborn... or even for not having one!