Friday 30 December 2011

Van Wyk Family | Blouberg

This is a gorgeous little family - Renaat, Marelize, Luca and new baby Mia all trekked down to Blouberg beach with me and my camera for an early morning shoot :) The sun was blazing hot already at 8h00 in the morning but they were all troupers and squeezed into the last spot of shade left to get some gorgeous family shots :) Luca got into this cute habit of calling me 'lady', apparently 'Tiffs' ain't quite as cool, hehe ;)

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

There's something about a spade, a bucket and the beach :)

Kiddo feet are the bestest!

This was adorbs - Dad put sand on Luca's knee, which was followed by a quick retaliation!

Action shot!

An adorable cuddle for Dad :)

And for little sister Mia :)

Can't imagine a mussel shell tastes particularly good ;)

They have the most gorgeous Bassets :)

Beautiful baby Mia :)

And of course a bum shot ;)

And a shmooshy bum shot ;)

A pat on the head for Wilbur ;)

Luca has got ENERGY!


  1. These are fantastic Tiffs!!!!! Girl, youre awesome!!! LOVE!!!

  2. Thank you SO much for these Tiffany - love them! Can't wait to see the rest. Marelize

  3. Ag thanks lovely Kim!

    Thanks Marelize, am sooo happy you love them! :) xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photo's of the nicest people I know. Congratulations to Marelize and Renaat.