Thursday 8 December 2011

Sarah & Ryan | Weddings | Bon Cap, Robertson

I was invited along to second shoot this wedding with the lovely Lara Scott, you must go and check out her photos from this wedding here, they're gorgeous :)

Sarah & Ryan got married on a rather hot day. Like say, 45 DEGREES CELCIUS HOT! In the shade. With an ice cube on your head. But seriously, anyone who wore a suit or wedding dress in that sort of heat deserves a medal. And pulling off looking gorgeous whilst doing so is an extra million points. Honestly, by the end of the night Sarah still looked gorgeous!! And Ryan not too bad either ;)

Thank you so much to Lara for having me along, and a huge congrats to the happy couple :) Here are a few of my favourites from the day:

Flare? Yes.

Sooo many pretty shoesies :)

Protea gorgeousness.

These boys were SUCH stars :) I bullied them to go out into the sun, but got the photos done in under the promised 2 minutes. Rockstars indeed.

So very gorgeous when she smiles like this :)

Pure elegance.

Gorgeous bridesmaid ladies.

Teehee ;)

Sarah & Ryan have an amazing group of friends. F'reals.

Sarah made the loveliest speech and her brother hijacked the mic halfway through, love her cute expression here!

These two have got the moves.

Actually, all the guests did, no shy peeps here!

Gorgeous venue!

Venue : Bon Cap
Dress: Bride & Co.