Sunday 30 October 2011

Weekend Ramblings: Kamers Vol Geskenke

I'm so sorry this here blog has been so quiet this past week - it's been a little insane around here ;) Have loads of awesome posts coming up soon :) 

Until then, I just wanted to do a quick share with you on my awesome day at Kamers Vol Geskenke. Now, if you weren't there or haven't heard of it, put it into your diary for next year! Now!! Seriously. It is like, the market to end all markets, and I've been plotting my attack on it for months now ;)

I literally spent 7 hours there on Friday. Ok, the last half hour was spent jumpstarting poor Doug, whose lights I'd left on, but yes, this was a full-day venture :)

Hubs was in Sasolburg for the past week (I missed that man like heck!!) so unfortunately I got a little trigger-happy with my plastic. I'm very fortunate he didn't decide to kick me out ;)

But without further ado, here's a few pics of the event itself, and of my happy purchases. I didn't end up taking many pics at the place itself, as there was too much to look at, touch, taste and see ;)

Loved the branding for the event, and had to start the day with a cuppa :)

Beautiful skies, and stunning new venue at Lourensford!

Gorgeous blommies, taken by Kim du Toit :)

I would've bought this entire stall, given half a chance!

I have a new decor obsession - bunnies. This little guy very nearly came home with me! Perhaps it's time for hubs to get me a cuddly creature of my own to love..

Chandelier swoonage!

Yes this tasted as good as it looks! And look! Non-trashy Cream Soda!!!

This is one of those AWESOME multi-twisty, wear-20-different-ways dresses! LOVE IT!! And I have an engineer husband to help me figure out how to wear it, thank goodness.

Love how they packaged my goodies - awesome presentation makes my heart skip beats ;)



Letterpress, *swoon*

This smells like grapefruit, amazing.

Pretty chalks and love the stationery!

This is going up in my new home office, pics of that to follow once I get around to designing and sorting it out.

Oooh, I heart proteas in a may-jah way!

These babies came home with me instead of the little guy a few back. Love their organic facelessness!

I like dice ok.

And finally, got a cupcake for hubs to sweeten him up before he saw all my shopping bags! It worked ;)


  1. Youre the cutest!!! :) Always make me smile!! Love all your pretty things! never knew you got that gorgeous wall art piece!! LOVE it!! Those bunnies are my absolute fave!!! 2 day pass ATLEAST for next yera!! That is the plan!! :D XXX

  2. Hehe, thanks hun! Didn't I show you the wall art? Oooh, I love it, going straight into the home office for inspiration! And huge yes to the 2 day pass at least! ;) x

  3. such lovely pics Tiff. I am so sad I missed Kamersvol this year! It was so dumb! I had it written in my diary and I looked at it yesterday and was so dismayed to see I had missed the whole thing! I just completely forgot! I think it is also because this year there were no posters anywhere advertising it around town, like they normally do. I was sooooo disappointed as I have been two years in a row and LOVED it. oh well....will to make up for it next year!

  4. Ah no, shame Bonnie! :( So bummed you didn't get to go! But, the good bit is that your bank balance remains healthy ;) I will post massive reminders next year! xxx

  5. Wow! Another feast for the eyes! I can't think of anything else to say...