Saturday 27 August 2011

Adrienne & Blossoms

So...on Wednesday evening I left work at Helderberg Hospital to drive through to Stellenbosch for a client meeting. Feeling rather ragged I decided to take a back route instead of hassling with main road traffic. As I drove along I was feeling decidedly grumpy when suddenly, there on the side of the road, backlit by a positive HALO of light, was the most stunning pink blossom tree! A beautiful gift/wake-up call to me from Jesus, I rather like to think ;)

Immediately I wished I had my camera with me, and plotted to bring it along to work the next day. I also happen to have a stunner of a work colleague, Adrienne, whom I coerced into being my muse for a 10 minute shoot ;)

*sigh* for me this is the part of photography that catches my heart - a beautiful tree of blossoms, a gorgeous girl, my camera & heart, and 10 minutes of laughter and odd stares from strangers :) My heart could not have been more full!

Spring is obviously nearly here!

Ooh I wish I could bottle it!

I may have swooned JUST a little ;)

Adrienne you are fiercely gorgeous. That is all ;)

Working it ;) How beautiful are her lashes??

Couldn't resist just a LITTLE flare ;)



Even more beautiful when she laughs!

A little b&w

The sunshine was heart-meltingly beautiful.

One day in Heaven I reserve a garden of these to dance through!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Tiffs.

  2. Wow!!! These are so stunning!! Beautifully captured, so romantic and soft!! Love it!! Bottle it and sell it and you'll be stinking rich!!

  3. Heheheh LOVE that idea Kim - ooh I want one for my garden so badly! And thank you - you're really FAR too sweet :D x

  4. these images are soooo beautiful Tiffs! so so beautiful! :)

  5. Thanks Tash!! You're a complete honey :) x

  6. How soft... how lovely. Like pink marshmallow or cotton candy. Mmmmmm! So sweet :)