Sunday 17 July 2011

Katie {& me}

I don't actually know where to start with this story, so I guess I'll start at the beginning ;). Katie and I must have met at some point when we were around 9yrs old (our families had a mutual friend in JHB), but didn't know it. Then we had the privilege to meet each other properly first year studying at UCT :). We share a lot in common, in particular having lost our mom's the same year, and we hit it off from the start :). Almost 6yrs later, we've studied together, wrote a thesis along with a group together, laughed until our stomaches hurt, drunk (accumulative) LITRES of Baileys coffee and cried hysterically together as well. She also supported me without reserve in planning my wedding last year, and was the go-to lady for ALL practical advice and standing up for me :) Couldn't have done it without her!

To cut it short, she's kind of my girl soulmate, in a non-creepy sorta way ;). But seriously, this girl has a heart of TRUE gold. She's loyal, incredibly passionate about God and serving people, encourages selflessly and is truly the best friend anyone could wish for. 

Katie is studying at Hillsong College in Australia for 2yrs, and still has 1yr to go, and not a day goes by where I don't miss her. We have INSANE facebook and Skype chats, and I've been privileged and encouraged to discover that our friendship is as strong today, if not stronger, than before she left :). 

She'll be leaving next week, and so I asked her to please pose for me, and then to pose WITH me :). Really so that we can remember - what it feels like to be young, the pink colour of sunrise, the smell of the ocean, the bellyache of laughter, the joy of friendship and HAPPINESS :).

*the first portion of the shoot was shot by me, second by my AWESOME second shooter, hubby Ross Burnham. I may need to watch out, otherwise he's going to take over my business ;)*

Just check at this sunrise God blessed us with!!

Katie also happens to be phenomenally gorgeous ;)

With the BEST array of hilarious faces!! hehe ;)

We may have had a tea party on the beach, yup, that's just how we roll ;)

Steaming tea and ribbons.

Love this tin.

Beautiful clouds.

The array of pinks in the sky was simply breathtaking.

Katie volunteers for the most amazing organisation, A21, which works against human trafficking, rescuing survivors and helping them to rebuild their lives. Please go look at their site, it's SUCH a worthy cause!


Gorge blue eyes!! 

Katie wasn't sure she'd be any good at modelling, pffffft!!! Stunner!

She's even more lovely when she laughs, it's infectious! ;)

Like I said, beautiful :)

This was per Ross's instruction to do 'sultry', pretty smoking if you ask me ;)


Gorgeous gal + flare and you've got me ;)


Pretty lady.


Love shoe shots.

*our shoot starts here, credit to hubby for all pics, edited by me*

Oh I love this girl!

Seriously the sand was FREEZING! We developed instant plantar fasciitis and hobbled across the beach! This is us trying to look normal ;)

Can't remember what hubby said here, but he must've been misbehaving!

Yup, this is what crazy looks like!


I may be a little jealous of her blue eyes ;)

Art by Katie :)

Do we look cold? Not at all ;)

That's what stage 1 hypothermia looks like ;)

Looking out to sea to avoid awkward directives ;)

Cartwheels on the beach at sunrise? Of course.

Limbering up ;)

Instructions from hubby for these two sequences too inappropriate to repeat, needless to say you can imagine! 

Slow-motion run.

Further odd instructions, with interesting results ;)

In this one we don't look like as much trouble as we actually are ;)

No we are not batting for the other team, we are each kissing one side of the sun ;)

Panoramic classic.


Love the poignancy of this one. Love our footprints in the sand together, and I know that the 'footprints' of our lives will continue to intersect :) Looking forward to MANY more years of happy friendship dear Katie!

*if you'd like to see the slideshow, click on link below!*


  1. Tiffz, the pictures are gorgeous (per usual) and the friendship story made it all the more amazing. Good friends are indeed hard to come by. I'm glad you've found your best [girl] friend! <3

  2. Thanks Ings! Friends are such a blessing :) xx

  3. So lovely. What a wonderful tribute to friendship.

  4. Wow Sweet pea!!! What an INCREDIBLY beautiful story I can feel the friendship, love and bubbling overflow of your happiness!! What a lovely friend and I love the pics of her laughing (and both of you laughing actually), the pink sunrise is spectacular. Well done hun!! Your passion shines through, I love it!! XXX

  5. Ah, can't say enough how much I love this gal - so glad it shows! And wow, that's definitely one of the prettiest skies I've seen in my lifetime :)