Friday 1 July 2011

Friday Ramblage: Cream Soda

Yeah, so maybe 'ramblage' isn't a word - but I like how it sounds ;). If you're not down with that, feel free to call the grammar police to hunt me down ;).

Now, today I re-discovered (yet again) one of the great joys of my childhood - Cream Soda. Now, I realise that ordering this beverage whilst other grown-ups order appropriately grown-up drinks makes me roughly 3 years old, but that's too bad! I will love its shocking green-ness and sweetness until I am old and grey ;) Hey, we've all got to hold onto a piece of our childhood right? And it reminds me what it feels like to be young, carefree, and concerned only with getting that last sip out of the bottom (yes, when it comes to Cream Soda I will have the last sip, unlike coffee ;) ).

To end off - here's a few links to things that have kept me inspired this week:
1. Jasmine Star's blog. Um, hello, where have you been all my life?!
2. Snippet & Ink. Fab blog on all things wedding and gorgeous.
3. The Pretty Blog. Says it all really, go have a squiz :)
4. Kim Du Toit Photography. Newly found - gorgeous SA photographer!

Hope you lovelies all have a wonderful weekend - got a shoot coming up, watch this space :)



  1. Please write those blog addresses ... too lazy to Google them. Gia

  2. If you hover your mouse over the words they are actually links to the addresses :)

  3. thank you so much for the mention!!! You are incredibly kind, what a lovely surprise!! Love how you wrote this piece ;) ha ha ha ha!!! :D