Sunday 26 June 2011


Right, so this lovely lady needs no further introduction :) Without further babbling from me (after all, my weekend blogpost was about a MAKEUP BRUSH) here's a selection of my faves from today.

Oh, just for some background info, we drove out to Stellenbosch with Erica and shot at Bosman's Crossing, Oude Libertas and then had ice cream at Asara :)

LOVE the green in this one :)

Tres suave. 

This crumbling graffii had such character.

Erica doing her thang (yes, I just said 'thang'...)

Looking muse-ful (new word).

Combo flash and reflector, still not quite sure if it's quite my style, but I like it :)

I think backlit is my favourite thing to shoot!

Poor E put up with a lot of 'reflector-ness' in her face from Hubby ;)

This was cool.

L. O . V. E.

E balancing precariously.

Can't remember what this sculpture is called, but it rock.s


E pulling a Mary Poppins.

Credit to Hubby for frame idea ;)

Reading and Ferrero Rochers - nothing better really!

Love the contrast here.


Texture and colour of wall (and subject) awesome :)

And...of course to round off, a multiplicity shot from Hubby!

Random factoid: you will notice I use A LOT of emoticons. Reason being I was once told my written 'tone' borders on plain mean, so I use emoticons excessively to make sure I'm never misunderstood 
:)  :)  :)  :)  :)