Sunday 12 June 2011

Emma & Carmen

Here are more pics for you to enjoy from little Emma and her mommy Carmen's shoot :)

Love that face!

Gorgeous gorgeous baby :)

Meet Sophie, Emma's squeeky giraffe :)

I die when I look at these feet - too CUTE for words!

Wish you could have heard these giggles!

Cuddling with Mommy.

Love this one taken through the netting.

Right now I cannot think of anything more beautiful and peaceful than a sleeping baby.



Thanks Emma and Carmen for being such fabulous models!


  1. Oh my! Tiff, she's absolutely adorable!!! Sooo.. when am I becoming an aunt? :P

  2. She is right? Haha, not any time too soon - will be sure to update you though when that is imminent ;) xx

  3. AWESOME Photos ... Really captures the sheer joy, innocence and bliss of a baby!