Sunday 5 June 2011


My dad LOVED his photography - most of my childhood memories of him include a camera, and our house was literally filled with BOXES of printed photos - I doubt that many other children were as photographed as me and my brothers were :)

And now, it would seem, the same bug has bit me :) And happily so! It's extra special to me every time something happens in my life that reminds me of my parents, and so it makes my heart warm to know that I share this passion in common with him :)

AND most of all now - I have to thank my Dad again for his amazing financial planning and foresight, which has enabled me now to assemble a rather nice starter's kit of equipment :) (see under 'My Bag' tab for some of the new stuff)

Feeling very blessed and excited about all my new gear to say the least :).

LOVE this old-school camera, wish I knew where it is now.


  1. <3 You definitely got the photographer gene! :) lucky duck! :)

  2. Well, it bit late, but sure glad it did! ;)