Tuesday 14 June 2011


I'm sure you will all remember the lovely Amy from the sneak peek yesterday :). Now, when I sat down to compile photos for this post, I was met with quite a challenge - if I'd chosen every pic that Amy looked stunning, all 114 that she's getting would be up here, but that wouldn't have been practical. So, apologies for the long post, but hope you enjoy these!

Love this perspective.

Amy is SO cute!

And bravely climbed onto this tree for me ;).

Love the B&W and polaroid-look.

How GORGEOUS is this girl??

Beautiful forest and natural sunlight.



Cute boots.


What's a shoot without a few macaroons?

Love the red and purple together.


Amy also happens to love old Scrabble letters, just like me ;)

Really, you'd have to break the camera to get a bad shot of this girl!

We could spot Amy's place from the lookout.

I think this one is my favourite :)

Amy times 7! Taken and edited by hubby.

Me and Amy together, yay! (thanks hubby!)

A huge thank you to Amy for being such a stunning, cooperative model! 


  1. Omg that Amy times 7 one is sooooooooo coooool! (thanks ross!) Love all of them especially the one with you! Thank you again for all the work you've done. You're the best!

  2. Haha, it came out awesome hey! He's very good with the PS stuff :) And adore the one of us together too :) And it was a pleasure shooting you :) xx

  3. Wow! Beautiful photo's there. My favorite would have to be the 3rd last one, subtle hint of mischief there, so cute! Great work Tiffany, talented is an understatement.

  4. Thank you so much! That is also one of my favourites - Amy has a beautifully expressive face :) xx

  5. I think my fave is the one you titled "How GORGEOUS is this girl??". Fantastic :) Of course I love the color shots too. Your "favourite" is also right up there for me.

    You've done it again!!! They all look super.

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  7. Carike Holtzhausen23 July 2012 at 03:59

    Love the photos!! :)