Monday 9 May 2011

Shanley & Allan's Engagement Shoot

Without further ado, here is a selection of the lovely couple's photos :)

Practicing doing Shan's makeup for her Big Day.

So seriously, could this girl get ANY more lovely?? ;)

Little House on the Prairie/Christie style ;)

Love is...

Times one rainbow, all the way from God's hand, for these two special people :)

Too gorgeous for words Shan!

Could not resist a shoe shot ;)

Girl plays hide-and-seek, boy finds her ;)

Pics my own

Special thanks to Christine Meintjes for the Lightroom Presets I used as the base for editing these shots.


  1. Beautiful! definitely some Christy-looking moments/shots there ;)

  2. I better start saving up some money, if I gotta fly you out.. :) You are amazing!! Not only at photography but in general! :) Loved the pictures! :)

  3. tiffy...amazing amazing
    shan, you are too beautiful!
    Alan, you are one lucky man!!!!
    and man the two of you make a wonderful couple!!!

  4. Thanks lovely people, comments HUGELY appreciated :)

  5. Wow tiffs - those are fantastic! and Shan you are just too beautiful and look so happy! you are very special! can't wait for the big day xxx

  6. @Ingz, I'd have to make it to your wedding in any case ;)

  7. @Jessi, I know, she is quite the gorgeous gal!! xx

  8. Wow Tiff! These are awesome. Very cute couple, too. My fave's are the 'hide and seek' shot and the 'Adore' shot. Oh, oh ... and the 'rainbow/mountain'! Was that Helderberg?

    Keep going. You have real talent there.

  9. Thanks Terri! Really lovely of you :)

    The mountains are Stellenbosch side of Helderberg, facing the mountains in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve :)


  10. Wow wow wow wow wow!! How BEAUTIFUL!! Its obviously helps when you have two beautiful people to work with! Can I book you now Tiffs for my undetermined future wedding date?? :) Shan you are stunning, Godly and beautiful and absolutely stunning! :) Lots of love to you both!

  11. Thanks Bron! And of course you are more than welcome to, am there like a bear!
    And yes, it makes the job rather easy with two gorgeous people who are clearly in love!
    lots love bron

  12. Melissa Petersen17 May 2011 at 13:08

    such gorgeous pics!