Wednesday 25 May 2011


Now, this is a rather different blog post, so if you're not into the mushy stuff, skip to the next or previous post ;).

This time of year is always a bit bittersweet for me - 26.05.1994, 4.06.2003, those are the dates respectively that my amazing Dad, and then Mom, left us. Now, I realise that I am biased, but I really believe that they were the BEST parents - and during the short time I was privileged to know them, gave me the best start to life that I could have wished for. I have SO many happy memories of them, that perfectly balance out the painful ones of  losing them.

Now, to prevent me from getting rambly, I'm just going to share 5 things for each of them that I most loved or most treasured:

1. Your ability to plan ahead (I owe my entire upbringing, and never wanting for anything, to my Dad's amazing capacity to have planned ahead, for literally everything!)
2. Your gentle and generous nature (my Dad was known for helping people out)
3. Your financial savvy and for teaching me the value of managing money
4. Your love of photography (thanks for lighting that fire for me :) )
5. The way you loved our Mom, teaching me what romance should look like!

1. Your GRACE (living, loving, and in the end, passing away with absolute grace)
2. Your love of animals (any stray in a 5km radius was adopted and loved by her)
3. Your infectious, belly laugh (we weren't sure at times whether it was crying or laughing!)
4. Your love of the Lord (and, in actively loving Him, showing me that trusting His purpose, for ALL things, is really the only thing that makes sense)
5. Your LOVE (for fiercely protecting your children, and for making it known every day you were with us, just how much you loved us)

Knowing these two amazing people, Merle & Johan, was such a blessing to my life - and though I of course wish that they were here every day to share our lives together, I am content with the memories that I have, and the knowledge that we've got one heck of a catch-up coming our way! :)

Biased, but she really was beautiful  

She ended up being my Dad's muse :)

And a beautiful one at that...

THIS is how I will always remember them together - silly, so in love with each other, with life, with God 


All photos except for the last one taken by my Dad :)


  1. They were both beautiful and amazing! :) *hugz* Thanks for sharing, Tiffz! <3

  2. Sweet! Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom and darling photos :)

  3. Jonathan Jacobs30 May 2011 at 00:44

    It's quite amazing: Tristan looks almost exactly like your father, William looks so much like your mother and you are there in the middle! Beautiful! Sad Tristan never showed me pictures like this before.

  4. Jeanette Flook31 May 2011 at 02:19

    What a wonderful tribute. They were two special people.

  5. Oi I started tearing up by the word "mushy". So beautiful Tiffs I can see both of them in you by the qualities you possess!!! What beautiful people and so happy to see the legagcy they carried on in you. Mwah!! XXX

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment Kim! So wonderful to know that other people see small pieces of them in me :) And so happy to share them with the world, only wish everyone could have met them :) x

  7. oh my goodness tiffany, this is incredibly special.

    your parents are so proud of you...i know they are.

    x x x x
    ps. your dad is an incredible photographer wow!