Sunday 29 May 2011

Beautiful Natalie

Right, so I thought it would take me a while to get the full set of Nat's photos edited....but as it turns out, I sat down with my Mac this morning and got HOOKED - she really is the perfect photo subject! It was flipping hard trying to cull down the pics - as she looked beautiful in pretty much every last one :)

And, I'm sure you'll agree here, she's got the posing bit down pat! The serious look, the cute look, the shy look, the giggles, practically perfect in every way.

But, without further waffling from me, lets let the pics do the talking, shall we?

This is Natty's Great Aunty Midgey's (spelling?) fur stole, and Natty's precious cat Shiver.



Lovely stairs, and gorgeous smile!

So grown up already :)

Nat's dad Graeme has got an AWESOME coffee machine and makes the BEST cappuccinos!

Baking stuffs and fantastic oven. 

Nat peruses the recipe book (btw, the cupcakes were divine - vanilla with lemon cream cheese icing).

Helen's beautiful ornaments.

More house gorgeousness.


Love the face in this one 


LOVE this one 

Too much gorgeous! 

Now...this last one's photo credit goes to hubby - I understand Photoshop (sort of) but he's into all the cool and complicated actions. So here's Nats times 5! 


P.S. A huge thanks to Helen & Graeme (Nats parents) for letting us shoot all over their house and garden :)


  1. Wow! I can hardly come up with words...

    Nat looks so beautiful... and I can't wait to see Helen's new home... and your photos are divine!

    That's it! Nothing more.

  2. Lovely, Tiff. Keep up the good work, you're definitely gifted.
    Besides, the subject is pretty spectacular :)