Saturday 2 April 2011


This being my first post, though I'd just add a few pics of some of my favourite things in my home :).
One of my very favourite things that I own is a Starbucks mug that I got whilst hubby and I were in Europe this past winter - being a serious coffee addict, I promise coffee somehow ALWAYS tastes better out of this mug!

 Any sort of wire/wooden inspirational word decor item? Yes please.

New discovery I made was macaroons from a divine little bakery in Newlands - so good.

As you'll notice, I love neutral colours with accents like hearts, and anything to do with birds! I went through a bit of a 'bird decor' phase a few months ago, and ran wild with it :)

 Gorgeous roses from hubby with my rings nestled inside - definitely my most treasured possessions :)

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  1. Philippians 4:8 - I read this scripture a minute ago and I thought of you instantly as I remembered your comment about your passion for all things beautiful! What a wonderful thing to think about, photograph and share the beauty of the world around us! You are such a special lady Tiffs! Big hug <3