Sunday 3 April 2011

Trash Your Dress!

A relatively new photographic idea that has landed in SA is the concept of 'trashing' your wedding dress after your wedding. Basically this can range anywhere from some nice additional semi-formal portraits in wedding attire to 'gooi'-ing yourself down an oil-coated slip 'n slide through a flaming hoop of fire!! Well, maybe not quite that extreme in most cases, most likely just some additional dirt applied to the hem of said wedding dress ;)

At any rate, after seeing a few amazing shoots of this type, I decided this was something I could go in for! Took some convincing, but eventually Hubby came on board :). Then, there was the question of which photographer to choose - Just Judy did our wedding and produced GORGEOUS photos, but for this shoot we chose Warren Williams for his super-funky and daring style.

The shoot was so much fun, and now we have some phenomenal photos to add to our collection! Our one year 'paper' anniversary is coming up in just a week, so we are combining our engagement, wedding and trash the dress photos into a coffee table photobook, a fitting gift to 'us' :)

P.S. Yes, my dress did survive the icy waters of Clifton Beach - after a good hosedown it's as good as new! :)

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  1. And what a fun, funky and daring couple you guys were!